The English Rose Knows: Yachts

Life on the ocean wave.
The English Rose  
13th August 2014

Matthew Williamson Rose PF14 Escape I‘ve found it… Eternity. It’s the sun mingled with the sea.” (Arthur Rimbaud). Only a Frenchman could come up with those words of wisdom. Their Riviera is the port of call that begins it all – starting in St Tropez then up to Cannes for the Film Festival, on to Monaco for the Grand Prix, before Italy for June, July… Just as the best boats set sail from St Tropez, my love of yacht decks began there in my teens. His name was Jean-Pierre – Parisian boy of my dreams playing skipper for a parent’s friend. The romance was as short-lived as his tiny white shorts (I chucked him overboard when I caught him in Club 55 with an uber-bronzed temptress). But my love of the sea, and victory over sea-sickness, remains.

I take skipper-recruitment seriously. Close quarters, choppy waters – you need an expert in every sense (when in France, flirt). Learn the ropes of romance on the ocean wave – throw in a sailing term or knot (carrick bend, chain splice) and you’ll impress, or at least start a conversation. Either way, focus mainly on your fashion. This swimsuit works on deck by day but even better worn with a maxi skirt after mooring up. Pack kaftans aplenty but not the muslin market-finds (save those for Ibiza). I love this Tie Dye Snake embellished number – the beads at the neckline will catch the light over lunch like ripples in the water or a disco ball on the dancefloor. In fact, it will take you all the way to the dancefloor. But why risk the temptresses of Club 55 when you can dance the night away under the stars on your very own decks. I’m keeping my summer romance right by my side this year…

With love,

The English Rose x

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