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Every summer has a story...
The English Rose  
10th June 2014

English Rose Knows holiday villasLa vie est belle in a villa. From the moment you open the shutters to flood your room with morning sun and the scent of lavender, to the cicadas which hum when you close them. Whether Tuscany or Saint Paul de Vence, summer would not be complete without a week of villa living. 8 friends for 8 days in 80 degree heat. Choose wisely and you will return every year. Choose unwisely… Holiday from hell. Read my tips!

Firstly, say no to ‘filler’ friends. Whether it’s a last minute drop-out or acquaintance to make up numbers, it will not be worth it. You risk an all-night lothario, or worse, all-dinner anecdotal bore. My summer sum for success: one quarter couples, one quarter old friends, the remainder – the thrill of the new. Ideally, a bachelor and a beauty. Yes, I know, I shouldn’t matchmake in the Mediterranean but I cannot resist. And it does make for excellent speculation and gossip over croissants in the morning.

Style wise – think summer hippy villa vibes – then pack some all-out glamour for night. Take a rainbow of bikinis – one for each day. Yes, indulgent, but they pack up itsy bitsy. Then it’s denim cut-offs with cotton voile tops (either my new Songbird spaghetti strap or vintage MW tattoo print from 2005). For evening, take a tip from my travel blogger pal Bonnie, our Handpicked girl of the month, who says floor-length is perfect for long summer nights. Whether it’s sundowners at Eden Roc or sunrise at Ushuaia, all-out glamour for evening will make memories to last forever (and shooting star summer romances too, if I have my way…)

With love,
The English Rose x

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