The Snowdrop Gown

Snowdrops in midsummer.
25th July 2014

The Matthew Williamson Pre Fall Snowdrop GownNot on one strand are all life’s jewels strung.” William Morris’ words on happiness are as evocative as his textile designs which inspired the autumn collection. In this gown, the jewels are dew drops and the strands are finest cobwebs spun at dawn. As a midsummer party ends in a haze of daybreak, the girl in a gown skips barefoot over the grass and slips through the woods.
This print was hand-sketched with watercolour pencils to tell her story. The studio worked for 10 days, using water to melt the raspberry background into clouds of colour. The three-dimensional quality of the dew drops is something altogether more precise – the sharpest lead was used under a magnifying glass. Snowdrops are a winter flower – the first signs of spring. Now juxtaposed in an unexpected summer setting, they have a mysterious quality. Their bell-like petals intrigue the eye after summer’s daisy chains. Go dance until dew falls and live out the story of this gown.The End

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