The Rainbow Morris Embroidered Dress

A picnic, parakeet and party come together in print.
2nd July 2014

MW Magnified PF14 Look 1 NEWThe true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of life.” If William Morris’ philosophy for contentment is anything to go by, then the hand-painted design of this dress will surely delight. From the first draft on paper to the final strokes of the glacé cherry of a cocktail, this print requires an eye for detail and more than a passing glance at a party.
William Morris’ block-printed wallpapers were an initial reference for the studio. In this print, plump figs and glistening berries twist between bunches of grapes, crops of mushrooms and garlands of ivy. But our bright young bohemians are bringing a party to the woods – a parakeet is perching on a cocktail glass and a Mandarin duck patters beneath their dancing feet. They will be there through the night until first light breaks through the trees’ canopy. This dress narrates even the end of their tale – the 320 iridescent sequin circles in the bodice? They are the dew drops of the dawn. Off they escape as the sun rises… Perhaps it’s time to sleep?The End

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