Power Pretty

Give in to feminine romance this season.
6th May 2014

Delicate lace and sugared-almond shades. At first glance, summer’s taste for all things pretty might seem too sweet but give in to its feminine romance and discover its hidden depths. ELLE magazine describe the trend as the “flipside to empowerment and it’s no less strong.” This season’s couture-level crafted clothes are the new trophy dressing – the modern way to make an impression.

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Power Pretty Article studio images
Matthew Williamson Power Pretty Trend Studio B

The power of pretty was something Matthew experienced from the start of his career at Central Saint Martins:

“I was always about bringing energy, light, colour and optimism into my work, and everyone else seemed to be channelling the opposite of that. My work can still seem a little flighty in the industry. But I have settled into it and I’m long over the anxiety part – I just like making pretty things.”
Matthew Williamson

Power Pretty Article studio images
Power Pretty Article studio images

Fashion’s taste for power-dressing has moved on too. Whereas once in the eighties a woman drew gasps of awe as she marched into a bar in her sharp-shouldered blazer, today’s woman knows femininity can be just as potent, and far less obvious. Modern pretty asserts itself in subtle shades with a focus on detailing and embroidery. An awe-inspiring level of workmanship will provide as much of a talking point as a tailored tuxedo.

Matthew Williamson Power Pretty Trend Daisy Lace Dress
Matthew Williamson Power Pretty Trend Biker Jacket
Matthew Williamson Power Pretty Trend Summer Chiffon Gown

Look to the catwalk for styling: light dresses embroidered in delicate daisies are a neutral base when mixed with neon for a sharp, fresh take on the trend. Find an edge – the light yellow daisies of summer are toughened up in a cropped biker jacket while it becomes playfully, flirtatiously sheer in the long layers of our pistachio gown.

Pretty is as pretty does. Either way, we’ve been persuaded by its power.The End

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