The Wild Botanical Embroidered Gown

Shades of grey with 50 flowers.
2nd May 2014

Matthew Williamson Wild Botanical Embroidered GownSummer needn’t be a riot of colour. The absence of hue can be just as powerful – like silence in a room full of noise. This gown in lightest grey may not be bright but it captivates in other ways. As it wafted down the catwalk, the chiffon caught the air and the embroidery seemed to take flight. 15,000 metres of finest white thread were sewn through the bodice and skirt to create an English country garden. AppliquĂ© petals on the sleeves were as romantic as they were realistic. In fact, the 122 Swarovski crystals adorning the flowers even caught some emerald-beaded dragonflies in their stitches.

3 days of embroidery over sheer silk layers. Some say a stitch in time saves nine – the craft of this gown should be preserved forever.The End



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