The Wild Botanical Skirt

Trompe L'Oeil tricks in this hand-drawn print.
14th May 2014

Matthew Williamson Wild Botanical SkirtThe New York Times’ Suzy Menkes deemed Matthew’s summer collection “as sophisticated as it was well thought out,” noting the dragonfly and floral theme gave it a “sweet serenity.” This print skirt embodies her synopsis. Shades of grey might not be the usual way to illustrate florals, but it emphasises the details. Look at the daisies themselves – hand-drawn to such hyper-real effect you could almost touch their petals. But your eye might play tricks – that stem of a rose? It’s actually made up of tiny veined dragonfly wings.

After hours of pencil illustration, the studio then used a bold felt-tip to highlight petals with childlike playfulness. Monochrome was never going to be muted in the hands of Matthew. It is summer, after all.The End


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