The Floral Scatter Dress

Sunshine haze of a dancing dragonfly daze.
9th May 2014

Matthew Williamson Floral Scatter Shirt Dress SS14Lazing on a sunny afternoon.” So sung The Kinks. That free-spirited, breezy summer attitude is captured in this print with its doodles and drawings in pink, amber, even a flash of grass-green. It is the hazy moment at the hottest part of the day when flowers seem their most vibrant and nature its most colourful.

The studio mixed the mediums of felt-tip pen doodles and hand-painted watercolours to create the lush blooms and fluttering swarms of dragonflies. Look closely at their wings to see paisley patterns and twists depicted in burnished bronze. But you’ll have to be quick. They will flit off between the daisies before the sun goes down.

Lazy, hazy summer. Days like these are made for dresses like this.The End

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