The Graffiti Daisy T-Shirt Gown

Word on the street (and studio).
11th April 2014

Matthew Williamson SS14 Graffiti Daisy GownDrawing is still basically the same as it has been since pre-historic times. It lives through magic.” Iconic words from the celebrated artist Keith Haring. The bold lines and vivid colours of his pop art and New-York subway graffiti were a reference on the mood board for the summer collection. Matthew’s studio channeled this approach to doodle their daisies – forget typical chintz and prints that might normally capture this sweet little flower – the effect enthrals as much as it charms.

Just like street art, the print appears effortless, scribbled and scrawled in a moment, but don’t let that fool you. How else could the studio choose the harmony of fuchsia, scarlet and saffron with its pop of lemon scattered between petals? The watercolours played up between felt tips pop out from the print like flowers in a field.┬áColour, placement, texture. But most beguilingly of all, the overall effect is effortless.The End

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