Cat Deeley

Most-Loved: The Rainbow Morris Gown
Cat Deeley  
3rd July 2014

Cat Deeley

“The Rainbow Morris gown is my favourite.”

“What evening dress wouldn’t be vastly improved by the inclusion of parrots, cocktails, mushrooms and strawberries? This dress is like Matthew himself, youthful, fun, bursting with life, energy and a wickedly delicious sense of humour!”

“I’d style this with some statement earrings and bangles galore, it would be perfect for the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. It’s always unbearably hot, but in this magnificent gown I’d sashay along the red carpet with the soundtrack in my mind playing The Girl from Ipanema.”

Cat is one of the foremost television presenters both in the United States and UK. She has won the 2012 Critics’ Choice Award for Best Reality Host and has received two Emmy nominations. She divides her time between her homes in London and Beverley Hills.

Matthew Williamson Pre Fall 2014 Rainbow Morris Gown
The Rainbow Morris Gown

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