The Daisy Biker Jacket

Look twice texture on the forever-cool biker.
25th April 2014

Matthew Williamson Daisy Lace Embroidered Jacket

James Dean started the biker jacket legend – complete with nonchalant slouch and rebellious attitude. That same manner pulses through this jacket – re-imagined for the modern woman. Cropped to new heights, coloured in optimistic lemon yellow, the jacket already felt fresh. But then the atelier began experimenting with appliqué: 170 daisies were embroidered onto the lace floral base, with tiny beads and sequins to catch summer’s bright rays.

Such delicate embroidery, arranged in clusters worthy of an English country garden, requires couture-levels of concentration and craft. Alone, the embroidery conjures up a vision of traditional romance and charm, but next to the slick sheen of this leather it takes on a contemporary vibe. James Dean and daisies – it’s a powerful pairing.The End

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