The Daisy Lace Midi Dress

3D-detailing makes florals as fresh as a daisy.
21st March 2014

Daisy Lace Embroidered Midi Dress Matthew Williamson

A poet once described the daisy as the simplest and most unassuming flower. But in the hands of designers, these have become eye-catching, blossoming odes to spring.

Taking Matthew’s vision of a summer garden seen through a child’s eyes, the studio hand-cut 580 innocent white flowers and appliquéd them onto a lemon yellow base of petals and lace. The stamen at the centre is formed of olive sequins with mini beads to highlight, while the petals flutter like rays around the sun. The process is so detailed, it takes 6 hours to produce just 10cm of the embroidered fabric. A pure, unfussy shift silhouette lets these florals claim their moment in the light.

A dress as picked by British Vogue to exemplify the 3D floral trend, say it with flowers this season.The End

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