The Daisy Lace Skirt

Hand-dyed, hand-beaded, hand-cut – summer’s daisies in detail.
28th March 2014

Matthew Williamson Pre Spring Daisy Lace Midi Skirt

Days before the catwalk show, there was not a fingertip at the studio unstained with every shade of pink dye. The atelier had undertaken a challenge: to not only hand-dye, but hand-cut and hand-bead the 480 daisies which bloom over this midi skirt. Pink dye was dropped onto the petals from a pipette – a technique which rendered some palest blush and others deepest magenta.

They were then cut precisely, crystals placed, and hand-sewn. This couture-like craftsmanship means each piece is unique, with a distinct daisy pattern, just like on the lawn of an English garden in spring.

These labours of love were worth it – daisy, daisy, we’re half crazy, all for the love of you.The End

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