The Flamingo Bay Kaftan

Hello Holiday.
8th March 2014

Matthew Williamson Magnified Flamingo Bay Embroidered Kaftan

When glanced through sunglasses across a beach, this sweeping chiffon silhouette cuts a fine shadow. But when admired more closely in the sun’s bright rays, the print and beading come into play. Orchids and heliconias have been hand-sketched and painted with playful flamingos hiding amongst the petals and leaves.

The neckline, or some might say necklace, features faceted crystals and beads in emerald, sapphire and a splash of neon orange, as well as mini mirrors that will catch the light and play upon the decks of a yacht or tiles of a bar like ripples and waves in the water.

Even if you don’t make it as far as the tropics, this kaftan takes you there. Slip on over the matching bikini and have as much fun as those pink flamingos.The End

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