Camilla Morton

Most Loved: The Dragonfly Chiffon Gown
Camilla Morton   Andrew Lamb
1st April 2014

Camilla Morton

“Matthew’s clothes are cut like rhyming couplets, and are poetry to wear.”

“When stepping into Matthew’s summer garden of dancing dragonflies and daisy chains it doesn’t matter if the sky is grey as his bright colours will lift your soul and day.”

“From wild flowers and handpicked daisy chains to his signature dragonfly these are clothes that are cut like rhyming couplets, and are poetry to wear. Why not float like a Pre-Raphaelite muse in this chiffon gown along the water’s edge as much as whatever red carpet life unfurls for you. But as much as your head can be in the clouds you can also practical – keep the spirit of whimsy, keep warm after dark and toast marshmallows over a bonfire or read fairytales by an open fire in his unique chiffon dragonfly sweatshirt that mixes urban with eccentricity in just the right quantities.”

Camilla Morton is a London-based fashion writer and the author of the international bestseller ‘How to Walk in High Heels: The Girl’s Guide to Everything.’

Matthew Williamson SS14 Dragonfly Gown
The Dragonfly Chiffon Gown

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