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Revealing the full set of baubles by London's creatives, curated by Matthew Williamson for Kids Company.
11th December 2013

This Christmas, in support of Kids Company, Matthew has curated a tree at aqua shard, inviting his friends to design its decorations – from actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Sienna Miller to photographer Rankin and architect Zaha Hadid. The project captures our long-standing relationship with the art world – Matthew first collaborated with Mat Collishaw last year on Britain Creates, as part of the Cultural Olympiad for London 2012. With over 20 final creations, the tree is an ode to London’s unique blend of creativity and wit. The online auction for each design opens today, with all proceeds going to the Kids Company. Pop down for dinner over the holidays to marvel at them as they spin from the boughs of the 6m tree. But first, find out the inspiration behind each design – from memories of festivities past to more traditional tales…

Mary J. Blige (Singer) - Bauble
Mary J. Blige (singer) “When I made my Christmas album, I wanted to share that experience of Christmas you have as a child, all the amazing feelings you had, and to make an album that was so believably about Christmas. When we were approached to design the bauble, the idea was to capture exactly that approach into our design.”
Bauble by Solange Azagury-Partridge (Jeweller)
Solange Azagury-Partridge (Jeweller) – “My inspiration came from the idea of icicles forming on the bauble. Kids Company is such an amazing charity and I love everything it does.”
Bauble by Matthew Williamson
Matthew Williamson “I am delighted to have created this bauble as part of the Kids Company Christmas Tree project, for a charity very close to my heart. From visiting the centres, it is clear that the work Kids Company are doing is crucial to improving the emotional and physical wellbeing of thousands of children across the city.”

Bauble by Lisa Eldridge
Lisa Eldridge (make-up artist) “My inspiration is “Lipstick and Beauty Spots”. There are so many children slipping through the net in our inner cities, Kids Company provides life changing help and support for the most vulnerable and at risk.”
Bauble by Charlotte Tilbury
Charlotte Tilbury (make-up artist) “I wanted to bring a bit of sassiness and fun to my Christmas bauble, because everybody loves a big kiss, especially under the mistletoe! It also brings together 2 things that are very close to my heart – changing the lives of hundreds of children through Kids Company and changing the faces of women everywhere through make-up!”
Bauble by Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller (actress) “Kids Company provide children with the opportunity to express themselves freely and safely and I wanted to capture that optimism in my bauble – so I asked my daughter to let loose with the colourful paints.”

Bauble by Polly Morgan (taxidermist)
Polly Morgan (taxidermist) – “I made an Yves Klein and Matisse inspired bright blue bauble, like a surrealist drop of winter sky. The woodpecker was my own intervention; it reminded me of Camilla Batmanghelidjhi; colourfully dressed and tenacious. What we see as dead wood, it recognises as being rich in potential. By persistently tapping away, it reaps rewards. This is the spirit of Kids Company and why I can’t say no to them.”
Bauble by Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow (actress) “I was thrilled to support this initiative for Kids Company, the charity does such incredible work helping children in London and they need all the help and awareness we can give them.”
Bauble by Joe Black
Joe Black (artist) “The title is ‘The World is not Enough’, which Joe Black felt could reflect the imaginary worlds that children inhabit and also the price that children can pay for living in a hostile world. The toy soldiers refer to childhood play. We support Kids Company in its work to give children that safe and secure place in the world, to grow up and thrive.”

Bauble by Elizabeth Saltzman
Elizabeth Saltzman (stylist) “Kids Company should be supported 365 days a year. The inspiration of my bauble was Christmas time – you just want to be loved – Love Me Tender!”
Bauble by Azza-Fahmy (jeweller)
Azza-Fahmy (jeweller) “Using Art-deco impressions, the upside-down lotus flower is brought to life in this bell-shaped creation fusing modernity and authenticity.”
Bauble by Chris Bracey (artist)
Chris Bracey (artist) “I love Christmas and the Xmas tree has always been the most inspiring part of the Christmas celebration, decorating the tree, I really enjoyed decorating this bauble.”

Bauble by Gerard Rancinan (photographer)
Gerard Rancinan (photographer) “My inspirations took the shape of a kaleidoscope, showcasing bursts and pieces of the photographs from my series “Trilogie des Modernes” (Trilogy of the Moderns).”
Bauble by Lee Broom (artist)
Lee Broom (designer) “It’s a dynamic design with red lights which can also change change colour on a multiple of settings.”
Bauble by Osborne & Little
Osborne & Little “We have taken inspiration from our recent collaboration with Matthew Williamson, and used his new Ocelot fabric to create a bauble festooned with glittering petals in pretty pastel shades.”

Bauble by Mat Collishaw (artist)
Mat Collishaw (artist) “I have taken inspiration from Christmas being the commemoration of the birth of Jesus, and the conception of the virgin egg by the sperm of the almighty.”
Bauble by Caroline-Jane Harris (artist)
Caroline-Jane Harris (artist) “My inspiration for the bauble is tree branches reminiscent of patterns in nature and suggestive of landscapes in winter.”
Bauble by Rankin
Rankin (photographer) “When decorating the bauble I decided to go a little more rock bauble – painting the whole thing black before studding its entire surface. I’d love it on my tree!”

Bauble by Swarovski for Matthew Williamson
Swarovski “This Swarovski crystal snowflake designed by Ingo Maurer is a beautiful symbol for the holiday season, signifying purity, tranquility and peace. Swarovski admires the work Kids Company does to support vulnerable inner-city children and it is an honour to take part in this worthwhile cause.”
Zaha Hadid (architect)
Zaha Hadid (architect) “Our Christmas decoration is a contemporary representation of a traditional decorative object. Manufactured using rapid prototyping technology and materials, the piece is a digital creation representing current techniques employed in the field of architecture, design and research.”

Bidding begins today in the online auction. It closes at 2pm on 22nd December. 100% of every sale will go to Kids Company.
The tree will be on display at aqua shard until New Year’s Eve.
aqua shard, Level 31 The Shard, 31 St. Thomas Street, London SE1 9RY Telephone: 020 3011 1256

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