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The English Rose  
17th December 2013

English Rose Knows Sales

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. Dickens may have been commenting on Victorian society, but he’s spot on about the sales too. Deep breaths, stay savvy and I’ll make sure they are only the best, with no bruises from frantic fellow shoppers or unwise what-was-I-thinking ‘investments’.

“Oh this? Reduced by 80% in the January sales. I managed to find the final one.” That’s Peony, my best friend who without fail finds the chicest, shiniest sale treasures. So I’ve quizzed her on just HOW she does it. Turns out, she’s super organised. Prepped with a list of things she wants (dress to match next season’s silhouette) and needs (new knits to get her through the winter), she will circle in on her prey, ignoring all other competition. Lesson one there – she avoids emerging with a fantastical, impractical number that will never be worn. Next, never buy an item you would not buy without a discount. 90% off is still 10% overspending if you never wear it. Fix up – be best friends with your tailor so he can sew up hems. Look sharp – early birds catch the wonder. Talking of early, does Peony camp outside department stores with a Thermos and sleeping bag to be first in line? Of course not.

She logs on as soon as the sales go live, going straight to the wish lists she has compiled on her bookmarked shopping sites. So follow her lead and be the savviest sale shopper. Race you…

Happy holidays,

The English Rose x

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