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My top tips for finding keepsakes not just for Christmas...
The English Rose  
12th December 2013

The English Rose Knows Gifts

All I want for Christmas is… Now that’s a conundrum. Occasionally described as “the girl who has everything”, my friends say I am impossible to gift. Though their comments aren’t true, it has meant I receive truly unique treasures each year, and have developed quite a guide to gifting. So before you get your tinsel in a twist, mix up a mulled wine and listen to my tips…

Some might say that the hordes of Oxford Street toughen up your shopping skills for the sales. I beg to differ. Keep that mulled wine by your side and luxuriate on your sofa in a rabbit fur knit. Then switch on your laptop and online shop. Easy, breezy, not another stressed shopper in sight. Next, ask for hints. Obvious though it may sound, a lot of people despise surprises so any sort of indication will save your blushes by the Christmas tree. Take time on your wrapping – I use traditional brown parcel paper with a decoupage of pictures from vintage Vogues and swathes of silk ribbon.

And of course the presents, well, let our Gift Guide show you. Shop by your friend’s personality, style, or (most important) your own budget. Finally, what do I want for Christmas? Gold, frankincense and mirth. The gold from the fairy tale touch of this dress, the frankincense scent of a Cire Trudon candle and the mirth of amusement with my favourite friends and family.

Happy holidays,

The English Rose x

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