The Cactus Garden Gown

Hand-drawn in the studio, the bright botanicals of an Arizona desert.
   Eddie Wrey
29th January 2014

Cactus Garden V-Neck Gown

Florals are spring’s perennial trend but this hand-drawn print has been supercharged with modernity.

Look closely, and you will find not the pretty posies of an English country garden but the bright botanicals of an Arizona desert – prickly thorns of cacti are juxtaposed next to their delicate flowers. The print was hand-drawn in the studio – hours were spent sketching and painting the perfect petal and spike of a cactus spine.

“The plant must be valued as a totally artistic and architectural structure.”  These words from German photographer Karl Blossfelt (1864 – 1932) inspired the studio’s bold artistic interpretation of the minutiae of desert flowers. The inspiration continues through to the crystals at the waist – 34 jewels and gems have been fashioned into botanical shapes.

Bloom boldly this spring.The End

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