The Intricate Lace Gown

Hand-cut French lace elevates this gown to new realms of red carpet dressing.
   Eddie Wrey
5th December 2013

The Intricate Lace Gown

Just as spring’s prints were hand-drawn, the French lace that decorates this gown was hand-cut, slowly, meticulously, snipping around the tiniest detail of the botanical shapes of the lace weave.

This is a new breed of embellishment, so refined, so detailed, that it can only be truly captured on closest inspection. From afar, the silk chiffon shines with a hint of iridescence. But it is the lace that lifts it with couture-like detail – hand-sewn over 90 hours onto its bodice, 10,600 micro beads highlight the intricate twists and turns of the lace thread.

Deep navy is classic, minimal, elegant… But bedecked in lace, bejewelled in beadwork, it reaches a new realm of red carpet dressing. Go find that Oscars moment, or in this dress, it will find you.The End

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