Folk Jewel Gown

No jewellery needed: in this gown, you are the party.
15th November 2013

Folk Jewel Twisted Gown

WHEN OUR ENGLISH ROSE travelled to colder climes for winter, she couldn’t bear to leave her heirloom jewels, so gathered her treasures in a Norwegian appliqué blanket and kept them by her side while she adventured to the Northern Lights. This precious print captures her travels with vividly-coloured antique jewels popping against a traditional folk appliqué.

Up close, multi-facetted jewels from tourmaline to topaz sparkle in the silk. No jewellery required, you’ll be an original next to fellow party guests bedecked in bracelets and baubles.

Don’t yet have the festive plans in place to warrant it? No need – in this gown, you are the party.The End

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