The English Rose Shows: The It Jumper

As Matthew’s most elusive muse, I like to think he was first inspired by me.
The English Rose  
18th November 2013

The English Rose Shows It Sweaters

I am not one for dressing down, but this winter, the luxe sweater has converted me. And it’s anything but casual. Usually relegated to the bottom of a gym bag (perish the thought), the sweater has been catapulted to new realms of desirability – sequins to make my spirits soar and crystals to turn my daywear disco.

As Matthew’s most elusive muse, I like to think he was first inspired by me: very late one night last year (or very early one morning…), we were finally all danced out. I complained over cosmos that I didn’t want to wear anything but eveningwear. In a gown that fabulous, my smile is wider, my laughter louder, my dance moves more daring, with long layers to swish around me and embellishment at the neckline to illuminate my look. My wish was his command – sketches accompanied my latte the following day. He took the intricate design of my gown neckline and applied it to a simple cotton sweater. Suddenly this classic staple was a glittering keepsake.

So now my wardrobe balances the gowns with these ingenious little knits. I style my crystal sweatshirt with slim cut trousers by day, but then it comes to life by night against the iridescence swings of my organza skirt. The chevron rabbit knits make me feel like an Russian Tsarina wrapped in luxury. And then there’s my very own ode – the floral embroidered sweater – my flower embellished in rich rose embroidery. They’ve each just got ‘It’.

With love,

The English Rose x

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