The English Rose Knows: The Shows

The fashion bell is ringing as the new show season begins!
The English Rose  
13th September 2013

The Show

Remember that back to school feeling? The heady mix of nerves (homework left somewhere on a beach) and excitement (reunions with classmates and the inevitable summer makeover). Well, in fashion, we have just the same, complete with new shoes and pens. Fashion month. New York to Paris via London then Milan.

Of course for me, it’s all about London. Nothing beats its sizzling cocktail of creativity. If September marks fashion’s new term, then it’s London that delivers on novelty. Back in 1997, I managed to squeeze into Matthew’s first show. 14 looks, vivid colours, it was love at first look, even viewed from a distance between burly photographers.

So my tips: watch the show, not your smart phone – the finale runway shot will be captured by everyone, after all. Instead, document your own take – the detail, the wonder. Plan your outfits, early starts do not a style statement make. Wear a coat on your shoulders – instant drama. This Patchwork Fur makes me feel unstoppable even on no sleep. Oh yes, sleep. That can wait until October.

With love,
The English Rose x

P.S. If you’re watching from home – Matthew will be documenting his every stitch for you @matthewwilliamson with #BehindTheSeams. Then on our Twitter, we’ll be sharing the looks live from backstage – expect some very fun Matthew moments. It’s where I’ll be… #ohMW!

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