The English Rose Shows: Oversized Outerwear

Scale up your coat to on-trend proportions...
The English Rose  
24th October 2013

yellow coat

May I take your coat, Madame? I love the ceremony of winter dressing, the ritual of it all. It’s not a question of weather-proofing my wardrobe. It’s delicious layers of possibility and myriad styling options.

It wasn’t always this way. As a child, September would mark a reluctant rejection of light summer cotton and enforced adoption of a scratchy duffle coat (which would inevitably swamp me, being inherited from my sisters). Come autumn, I now covet the coat and its transformative powers – belted, buttoned, draped over shoulders; it dramatically cocoons my look. Even thrown over pyjamas to grab the Sunday papers, I’m suddenly more Belle de Jour than bedhead.

This winter’s trend for oversized outerwear is less the hand-me-down huge of my youth and more an exaggerated exuberance to embrace wholeheartedly. I intend to spend this winter wrapped in my moss-coloured coat – belted and chic with flats or alluringly buttoned and bare-legged like Hanne on the runway (what lies beneath..?). And in answer to the Maitre D’s question at every restaurant this winter – no, you may not take my coat. It’s too precious to part with.

With love,
The English Rose x

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