The English Rose Shows: Gypsy Rose Trend

My take on winter's whim to run away with the gypsies...
The English Rose  
10th October 2013

precious rose silk shirt blue

I will let you in on a secret: I’ve always wanted to run away with the gypsies. Well, the flowing skirts and painted caravan romantic notion of it all at least. Inspired by their nomadic freedom as a child, headscarves and silk prints became the look of my teens. But now, for autumn/winter 2013, their style has grown up with me, as the trend seen on so many of the fashion capitals’ catwalks finds a new sophistication.

The vivid colours remain, but this time scattered over darker tones, giving lush blooms a mysterious new meaning. By day, I’m pairing my Precious Rose silk shirt with tailored trousers and berry-stained lips in homage to a gothic glamour. By night, I emulate the show style with the matching midi and tousled hair. All my essentials stowed in the Floral Folk clutch (the neon rose embedded in sober navy encapsulates the trend) – I’m ready to escape with the gypsies. I might not be back next week…

With love,

The English Rose x

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