The English Rose Knows: Cocktail Hour

Make mine a peacock-tail...
The English Rose  
6th November 2013

Feather Dress - Feature image

Come cocktail hour, I crave a Cosmo. As does Matthew, if I can drag him away from the studio. Shaken, straight up, the mixing takes talent and I’ve found just the team at the Connaught. A quick click of my heels from Matthew’s on Hertford Street, the waiters and design are as sleek as each other. I get lost in conversation at the discreet little corner tables as the evenings draw in this autumn.

Dress the part. I’m saving my Winter Garden Organza for December nights to match the Northern Lights behind it… For now, I’m drawing out the last vestiges of my St Bart’s tan in the Feather Silk Mini. I can’t resist prancing about in this flighty feather skirt.

So inevitably, see you on the dancefloor. Whether it’s a Cosmo or a dress, shake it!

With love,

The English Rose x

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