Dark Florals

The lush blooms of summer still blossom this winter...
8th October 2013

Precious Rose GIF

This winter, florals take on a dark, dramatic tone. The lush blooms of summer still blossom, but in a decadent setting against darker shades of navy and violet. With Matthew’s perennial muse of the English Rose, it’s not surprising the studio referenced florals. But this time they are found in new surroundings, as his spirited Rose travels to the Northern Lights.

She couldn’t bear to leave without taking a little of England with her, so family heirloom jewels and lizard brooches twist between the hyper-real roses of the Precious Rose print. The violet background references her Scandinavian destination – it is based on a swatch of appliqué blanket. Treasure Garden is a manifestation of her treasures and trinkets – with a bejewelled hummingbird brooch next to emerald and sapphire crystal roses. Meanwhile the Floral Folk uses a bespoke jacquard crafted specially in an English mill, lifted with beaded highlights.

The trend is far from the girlish charms of spring flowers, suiting winter’s more somber mood. Look no further than the English Rose herself to show you how to style it. The End

Precious Rose
Precious Rose Print
Catwalk detail
Catwalk detail
Precious Rose blouse styled
Precious Rose blouse
Floral Folk detail backstage
Floral Folk backstage

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