Arizona Muse

Most-Loved: The Reflective Forest Gown
Arizona Muse  
14th November 2013

Arizona Muse

“The Reflective Forest Embellished Gown is my fave. I’m mad about long, flowing skirts.”

“They are so elegant, and yet, when styled down with flat boots and my favourite leather jacket, also so cool!”

Arizona modelled the Pre Fall collection for Matthew’s lookbook this year, shot in the decadent Georgian interiors of London’s 33 Portland Place. As Matthew commented at the time, “She couldn’t take a bad shot, even though she joined us straight from a red eye flight back from the Caribbean.”

Arizona is an American model. She is the face of Estée Lauder and currently lives in London.

Arizona Muse wears the Reflective Forest Gown from the Pre Fall collection
The Reflective Forest Gown

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