The Rainbow Morris Embroidered Gown

Your invitation to... A legendary party painted by hand.
   Tommy Clarke
22nd August 2014

Matthew Williamson Pre Fall 2014 Rainbow Morris Strapless GownThe brightest red cocktail in a coupe glass topped with a trio of glacé cherries, a martini laced with lime and mint, a tumbler of Pimms clinking with ice… The plumpest figs, the sweetest strawberries, an abundance of berries… Whoever is hosting this party, we want an invitation, and this printed gown is exactly what we would wear.

The print, hand-painted in the studio with watercolour pencils, evokes the kind of summer party that evolves to almost mythical status – a midsummer night’s dream of whispered moments and hidden glances. Exotic parakeets bear witness with a coy look in their eye while a Mandarin duck perches calmly among guests – red bill and mauve feathers as vibrant as their outfits.

Paillettes shimmer through the gown’s bodice, reminiscent of the disco balls that hang from the tree boughs and the dew drops that dampened the dancers’ bare feet, but not their spirits, as the sunrise brought a new day. Will it bring another party?The End

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