The Winter Garden Organza Dress

Capturing the kaleidoscopic colours of the Northern Lights...
   Dan Lecca & Sean Cunningham
8th November 2013


How to evoke the kaleidoscopic colours of the Northern Lights in a dress? This dress does just that. A flurry of iridescent sequins degrading from waist to hem mean a spectrum of acid colour illuminates every stride. Holographic tape was hand-woven through the beads at the neckline, creating a colour display of similar rainbow-effect as it catches the light. All set against ice blue lace, evoking the frost of a garden in winter. It’s the culmination of endless hand-stitches and a rich, couture-like organza. Voted one of the best runway dresses of the season by, it started life 5 months before, as Matthew imagined an adventurous English rose, off on travels to the Northern Lights. The End

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