The Liquid Sequin Dress

Liquid gold, fuchsia feathers and almost a week in the making.
6th August 2014

Matthew-Williamson-Pre-Fall-2014-Liquid-Sequin-DressIn life, there are dresses that make you dance. They make you stand taller, smile wider, stay up longer. This dress is one of them. As soon as you slip it on, feel the feathers, zip up the sleeves, you know you’re set for fun.

210,000 sequins have been hand-embroidered in an exotic animal print pattern. Rather than feel heavy, they run like liquid over the dress, each square and circular sequin sewn precisely in its place with raspberry silk thread. It takes 6 hours to make just 20cm of the fabric Р8 embroiderers work for 6 days on just one garment. The ostrich feathers that waft as you walk were hand-dyed to deepest fuchsia.

With almost a week in the making, perhaps that’s where it gets its party spirit – having taken this long to compose, it’s not going to bed anytime soon – just like the Bright Young Things who inspired the collection itself. Go join their dance.The End

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