Wild Window

There's a midsummer party in the Mayfair store this month, with millinery by Natalie Ellner.
10th July 2014

Matthew Williamson PF14 Rainbow Morris window
This midsummer, a wild woodland has flourished at 28 Bruton Street. The store window is a playful party of nature with the Pre Fall collection brought to life – parakeets perch among the foliage while a stone cherub giggles by a candelabra with fresh berries next to his wings. Bright young things are there to party with floor-sweeping gowns and avant-garde headpieces. It captures Matthew’s inspiration perfectly.

Hats to match such a joyful expression of summer needed to hold their own – and the millinery by Natalie Ellner does just that. Brought up in Cornwall, she is strongly influenced by mysticism, folklore and nature. Animals are a prevalent theme in her work, as she pays homage to the beauty and playfulness of nature with uniquely crafted bespoke pieces. Natalie trained as a prosthetic sculptor, spending 7 years as a High Definition Silicone Technician creating limbs for medical purposes.

Natalie Ellner Sculpted-Palace-Peacock-Headpiece
Matthew Williamson PF14 Rainbow Morris window
Such an eye for detail means that headpieces like the raven or badger are as true to life as taxidermy, but sculpted from silicone – a rare technique.
We asked Natalie for how she would choose a headpiece worthy of a woodland party:

“Go for whatever inspires you. There’s always one piece that draws you in. When you put it on, you take on a different persona; it’s like an alter ego. Go with this instinct and go for it!”
Natalie Ellner

So come by Mayfair to join the party in store, or pass after dark, when we hear the window comes to life with Martini glasses clinking and champagne bottles popping…The End


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