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Step inside the studio for a story of British eccentricity.
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18th June 2014

Tim Walker woodland image

If you go down to the woods today… You’ll find Pre Fall has arrived. Inspired by a decadent midsummer cocktail party in the woods, there was never a more fitting time, as the summer solstice approaches.

“I was drawn to the idea of the decadent woodland cocktail parties thrown by the pleasure-seeking, bohemian party-givers of the British blue-blood set.”
Matthew Williamson

The Rainbow Morris story for Pre Fall 2014
The Rainbow Morris story for Pre Fall 2014

The studio executed this vision with such commitment that the tale echoes through every piece in the collection. Take the playful Rainbow Morris print – the stand-out, signature print. Plump figs and glistening berries evoke lush nature at its most bountiful, inspired by the iconic English textile designer William Morris whose own prints referenced the hedgerows near his home. But the bright young things are breaking the stillness with an uproarious party – cocktail glasses in hand.

The Pre Fall print story
The Pre Fall print story

Even a seemingly simple sweater dress or silk shirt has been touched by the dawn-till-dusk woodland gathering – golden strawberries, specially designed in the studio – button the nape of the neck or the cuffs of a sleeve. As the hedonists party through the night, the Snowdrop print touches on the final whispers in the morning mist – with its hyperreal, hand-painted dew drops hanging between the silky cobwebs. The same dew drops catch the light in the crust of clear sequins of the Rainbow Morris strapless designs. As William Morris himself wrote:

“Dawn talks to Day, Over dew-gleaming flowers, Night flies away.”
William Morris

This whimsical mood is met with a modern ease in sharp tailoring, corseted evening dresses and streamlined jumpsuits. Looks to debut right now, at high summer, martini in hand.The End

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