The Intricate Lace Dress

Intricate by name, intricate in detailed technique...
   Eddie Wrey
19th January 2014

The Intricate Lace Dress

First of all, the feathers. Plumes of ostrich are burnt with a devoré technique to save just the finest ribbon of feather. 200 are then individually sewn onto the skirt, with a sequin at the stitch to catch the light.

The atelier meticulously hand-cut each twist and turn of lace for the botanical shapes that embellish the bodice. They are then hand-appliquéd with invisible stitches – a technique reminiscent of traditional Parisian couture. Deep sapphire blue glass stones and crystals cluster at the centre of the lace petals – subtle adornment in tone on tone colour.

Up close, in detail, this dress took time, and tells a tale.The End

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